Dr. Dennis Johnson, DVM

Dr. Dennis Johnson was born and raised on a farm in Nokomis, Illinois. During his childhood taking care of the cows, pigs, and horses he had a strong desire to become a veterinarian. He graduated from the University of Illinois with his degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. He then went to Petersburg, Illinois to become a mixed animal practitioner practicing on dogs, cats, cows;, swine, sheep, and most of all horsed. He soon built the Animal Medical Clinic in Springfield, Illinois, which was and is the state of the art of veterinary medicine. In a few years, Lemen Veterinary Clinic became available for purchase and Dr. Johnson moved to Decatur, later selling the Animal Medical Clinic in Springfield.

Dr. Johnson has continued the tradition of providing the best veterinary care in Decatur Illijnios. Another new hospital, Best Friends Veterinary Clinic was opened in Decatur, and Lemen was renamed to Best Friends North (previously Lemen Vet Clinic) and both in Decatur, Illinois. Dr. Johnson retired to his love of training horses, racing cars, traveling, training hunting dogs, and playing golf. This retirement in not fulfilling for Dr. Johnson and he found that all these hobbies could not replace the mental stimulation of veterinary medicine along with seeing the pups and kittens, and the communication with the pet owners. Therefore, he now is a relief veterinarian in Illinois and travels to the 4 corners and other areas of the state to help other veterinary hospitals in need.

Dr. Johnson has a Basset Hound named Snoopy(shelter rescue), a 4.5 lb Maltie Poo named Little One, a animal shelter black and white tuxedo named Mufasa, an adopted stray cat name of Simba without the use of his front legs from birth and runs and hops like a rabbit, and finally his pride and joy, Scout an adopted Greyhound from racing in Florida. These pets are most important to him.